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Basic Questions

Until today it is complicated and expensive to use blockchain-based applications. Wombat makes it simple and accessible for everyone without any cost. In more detail, Wombat is a free App which initially allows users to create EOS accounts for free, to securely store and recover the keys and to easily find the coolest Apps within seconds.

wallet enables the User to store his private keys (“Keys”) necessary to generate a signature on a blockchain or to initiate and verify activities and transactions in connection to a blockchain. Such transactions can be transfers of digital assets like coins, but also more complex actions related to blockchain-based applications.

Wombat is your wallet. It lets you do whatever you want to do with one of the supported blockchains.

In order to give you access to the world of blockchain, we need to make sure we can safely restore your wallet. That’s why every user gets a Wombat account.
This is different from your blockchain account, though. A Wombat account can be associated to multiple accounts on different blockchains (work in progress). However, you’ll be able to take your blockchain accounts anywhere you want.

Because blockchain accounts and resources don’t come for free, we need to make sure we don’t get spammed with requests. That’s why we need you to log in with your Google account. As you are using Android, we’re sure you have one, but we don’t require any personal data from your account.

Simply download Wombat and create your first blockchain account easily within seconds.

Every wallet has two keys, public and private keys. The public key is used to verify that it’s really you (the holder of the private key) to perform an action, and the private key is the secret permitting you to send funds. Transactions are possible due to the combination of these keys. Always keep your private key in a safe place. That’s why it’s called “private”.

Don’t worry about it, we got you covered, you will always be able to recover your private key easily with the support of our team: info@getwombat.io

No fees, Wombat is free to use. Optionally users can upgrade to Wombat Prime to benefit from an increased maximum of dynamically staked EOS and enjoy our app without displayed ads.

Wombat will keep your wallet secure. You should keep your device (phone and computer) secure by always verifying who has access to it and by always running up-to-date software.

Wombat allows you to top up your account directly through the App. You can choose to use one of the multiple platforms that can help you buy cryptocurrencies with your bank accounts. Here are a few popular ones to look into: Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Gemini, Bitstamp, CEX, Changelly. When you have bought the cryptocurrency you can easily transfer that to your Wombat wallet. For more information have a look at our tutorial.

To this day, there are different rumors why our product is called Wombat. Some say it is because a wombat carries its babies in a pouch, just like our app integrates other dApps or stores the digital treasures of our users. Others say that wombats have block-shaped droppings hence are perfect representatives for anything blockchain related. No matter the reason – Truth is: Wombats are cool! Deal with it!

Extended Questions

We want our users to enjoy high-quality Apps which work with Wombat flawlessly. Therefore, we have a strict curation approach making sure that users get the best possible experience. Nevertheless, all additional Apps are accessible via the URL bar, if needed.

From the start, every Wombat user gets 1 EOS staked, enough for average usage of the eos ecosystem. The amount of staked EOS dynamically increases in dependence of how much your account requires to use dapps and sign transactions. In order to even cover heavy usage or price spikes of CPU/NET due to high workloads, Wombat Prime offers an increased maximum of up to 50 EOS staked to ensure accessibility any time.

Yes, definitely. We encourage you to! Please contact us directly so we can assist you: info@getwombat.io

With Wombat, developers of blockchain-based applications are able to significantly increase their user base and to develop Apps much faster and cheaper. That means an increased user base by significantly lowered entry barriers. In details:
· Your users can download Wombat for free
· Your users will receive an EOS account for free
· Your users will receive staked resources for free
· No extra effort needed to integrate with Wombat
· Focus on web-native apps without committing to iOS or Android sinceWombat will support both ecosystems
· Avoid the time-consuming and expansive certification processes of iOS and Android app stores

We are open in doing so, but for now we are focusing on EOS.

A form will soon be available through our application and through our website, but for now feel free to reach out to our team: info@getwombat.io

Yes. When opening an eos application in our app, you’ll have the option to save it to “My Favorites”.

Wombat is incorporated in Germany under the entity of CHAINWISE Group GmbH.

You do. Think of your EOS account just like a bank account with multiple currencies.

Every new user gets a complete pair of keys and an account on the EOS mainnet. The private key is securely stored on the user’s device. In the free version Wombat follows a multisig approach to avoid fraud. To get full control of the EOS account users can upgrade to a pro-account for a small fee (e.g. 1.99€ in Europe) to remove the requirement of multiple signatures as well as to export their private keys. The one-time fee is the lowest (to our knowledge) in the market. More info on our blog. 

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